I channel LOVE and share it with you,


Are you tired of feeling over your situation, yet you feel stuck, and you can't seem to break out? Try something new, For You. Love can move mountains, wash them away, and I can teach you how to engage with a stronger tool set, mind set and energy than you are currently using.

I have been channeling love from heaven for over five years, and everyday, I learn something new. I choose to share this with you, through my offerings, Step One, Step Two, and Step Three.

Navigating is easy, and we can choose how we invest in ourselves, our souls and our homes. The expression, "You get what you give," applies to love. The more you invest in yourself, the more you will see, your desires and dreams with ease, and yes, JOY! So please, enJOY the ride, and understand, we all need support. We all need community. As we get used to this concept, it opens up our opportunities beyond even our own dreams.


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Step One

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Pay Attention

Pay attention to the voice in your heart, that wants a fresh start. Follow your heart, tune in. Am I listening, or bullying myself with my old conditioned ways. Sign up for a private consultation.


Step Two

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LOL Reiki Sessions and Attunements

You are pure love. Yet we have locked our hearts and we no longer feel connected to this energy. It is not a conscious decision. Yet it is a choice. We all have the ability to unlock our hearts. Allow reiki sessions, attunements and channeled guidance to help you see your heart more clearly.

Step Three

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LOL Stewardship

Alignment is pivotal and critical. Our environment completely reflects our alignment. The more you are in tune with this, this completeness, the more you see, expansion opportunity.





“Working with Michelle is a blessing you will cherish. She is an uncommon soul whose gift of direct connection to spirit is infused with humor, grace, patience and a quiet reverence. ..."  continued