Three is a magic number in Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient art. It stems from the laying on of hands in the bible. At first, Reiki works best in threes. It clears our energetic bodies. It charges our soul batteries. It provides balance and stability. It encourages meditative states, and summons spirit to guide us.  


Healing Session

A practitioner can guide you according to your spiritual guides, because, an experienced practitioner understands communication. I share my communication in writing. I will record audio files and suggest that you re-listen three times a week while energetically tapping in the vibration. After your initial three sessions, Reiki sessions can be scheduled as individual appointments. The first three sessions must be within twenty-one days of each other.


$150  per session

Face to Face and Remote Sessions are available


LOL Mentorship


Level I

A Level One Mentorship includes an attunement that utilizes the vibrational alignment as recommended in the Usui System of Natural Healing, along with channeled messages I have received. The actual attunement adjusts your vibrational energetic body to align more with spirit. It enhances any of your own natural spiritual gifts. It aligns our thoughts and feelings to light avenues, that optimize our own natural healing path. This is similar to the expression, “I hire good people, and get out of their way.” I am tapping into source energy and higher wisdom to allow me to see, my reality as clear as a bright sunny day. Love, peace and clarity allow me to thrive, in a beautiful harmonic way within our environments, allowing us to achieve a life of our dreams. 

Level II

A Level Two Mentorship includes an attunement that utilizes the vibrational alignment as recommended in the Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing to align with Source energy at a higher level. It is amazing to learn how to play with energy and how effective it can be. It is amazing how it can be used in remote energetic sessions, and this experience translates into a more sophisticated understanding of the oneness, the collective, and the illusion of distance, time and space. As we grasp this concept, it increases our faith in what can and is possible. What can and does occur, to support us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are spiritual beings, and this supports us living a spirit- led life, with peace and joy in our daily unfolding. 

Level III

A Level Three Mentorship includes two attunements that utilize the vibrational alignment of the Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing. The first level deals with ego and higher wisdom. It is critical to be a strong Reiki Master, that we balance our ego and our spirituality. It is reflected in our environments completely. The more aligned we are with our true self, the more we can achieve the limitless opportunities. As we align our hearts, our homes, our appearance, our relationships, our careers all fall into place, with peace, love and joy in our daily unfolding. Not only does this alignment fall into place, it feels like magic. It feels dynamic. It feels like the life we are meant to live. It allows us to surf the emotions of our hearts, with balance, poise, grace ease, and perfect amazing fun along the journey.