Michelle Young is an enlightened woman. Her gifts started presenting themselves in childhood, and always were prevalent in her life. Recent events that impacted Michelle involved the death of a family friend. Michelle was aware of extenuating circumstances around this tragic event. As spirit would have it, Michelle found a wonderful mentor to help her understand her gifts and how to nurture and develop them. One mentor lead to another, and step by step, Michelle has been guided both with personal mentorship and spiritual mentorship with her pen. Michelle channels messages from heaven. Michelle channels love, and we have been guiding Michelle, leading her, to learn on her own. Leading her through light and fun. Leading her through dark shadows. 

Leaders are not born, they are educated and developed. They are nurtured and refined. They are working in Divine Time. To allow others to see, this healing opportunity.

Healing is a word used in this self help industry. Light workers, healing, and other similar words and phrases you have all heard before. Yet we want you to think of it in a new light. A different 'waze' because, we are opening new doors, and new stories for each and all of you. Listen to them, and be.  Anything that causes stress, or less, or lack, is an old story. Once you can identify an old story, we want you to see, working with someone who has a Love Mastery degree can help you shift, your environment. Your life, your tears, fears and strife, your world, will be turned around, and that is not to say, you need a divorce, or a new house, car or pet to see it.

Yet, once you do shift, you will see, all of your desires appear easily, with perfect love stories.