Private Consultation 

We will tap into your higher wisdom and see, how does this feel to me? What is this about? How do I figure this energy out? What is my first step? What next? How do I invest in this?


For You

This is not a new concept at all. It is simply a stream lined version. A direction or navigation assistance. You could go to the book store and purchase valuable books with strong messages, that take time to digest and sort. Or you can tap into your own performance art, beginning immediately, because, spirit does not waste time. They know the Divine most intelligent way, to guide you perfectly. And by you, I am referring to you. You are your best healer. You are your strongest ally. You are your old pain story, and you are the new love waiting to exist with acknowledgement.

So, lean into yourself and say. Do I want to engage in myself? Invest in my well being? Suggest a higher standard of living?

If the answer is yes, consult with me. It is easy, like, 1, 2 and 3.



$123.  per session

Remote Sessions or
Face to Face


Group Gatherings

Group gatherings are a great way to see what I do, and how or if it may apply to you at one level or another.


For More

Many people are interested, many people see opportunity, and many people want to explore curiosity. I have a series of workshops to address this, which also lay a foundation for deeper exploration. It is all great information that gives you tools for your day to day, as well as a lifestyle approach, depending on your comfort level.

The way I see it, you get what you invest. You can invest in yourself, or whatever you choose, my suggestion is to invest in you.

As a perfect contribution, our social gatherings will contribute 33% of proceeds to local non-profits. I have selected three that align with my mission to build stronger communities by starting with the family. These three organizations are doing incredible things for our environment, and with our contribution, the ripple effect is unlimited. As we improve our environments inside and out, we contribute to world peace. One party, one host, one facebook post at a time.



$55. per person

A minimum of seven. Of course there are perks for the host! Please contact me to schedule logistics of social gatherings.

Face to Face Gatherings or Remote Gatherings available.

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Soul Surfers

Soul surfers lead from the heart. They know the heart is listening, to a higher being. Let the heart lead the surfer to victory, with balance, love, poise and grace. Know this is not a race. Soul surfing is an individual path.