LoveOneLove, lol

This stewardship program is for one and all. I highly recommend being attuned to Level II to enJOY it more! This is a program that utilizes the concepts of Reiki as I have outlined in Step Two,  yet it is infused into this platform of LoveOneLove (lol). Love is the strongest energy, and love heals all things. We all think we know what love is, yet, think again. I have been channeling love from heaven for over five years, and everyday, I learn something new. I choose to share this with you. I have been recording my messages in audio files, and I am going to share them one at a time. We can listen on our own, and interact with them online. They are funny and political, sad and happy. They deal with our world completely. They can begin to teach us as we are ready to expand, how God has a hand, in every single petal of a rose. In every single motorcycle on and off the road. In every single way, we navigate our daze. How we choose to listen, reflect, enjoy or reject these messages is up to us and us alone.

Yet, even since I wrote them, as I have grown, and listen, and re listen, it occurs to me, the messages transcend perfectly. Because, time after time, I can only see what my expanded consciousness allows me. So, as I step up and back, reflect and grow, so does my ego. So does my nurturing self. So does my mental health. So does my pen, and then, it transcends again.

So, I am inviting you in, or on, I should say, because lol is a platform for all of us. I want to share this amazing gift. You decide how to use it. The only thing that is critical to know, is this pen balances ego. So you can judge or simply see, how the analogy applies to your home. Or, you can understand, you are not alone. If spirit supports me like this, I promise and know this to be true, spirit supports you. Yes, you are a medium, just like me, and yes, you have the same channeling ability, and the sensibility. Yet, if you do not know where to start, or how to pick up a pen, and write, we will help you see, love just by listening.


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Soar Like and Eagle, Responsibly

Let us soar like our Philadelphia Eagles. It is so fun to see, leaders in our society. Let us learn from their strong example, on how to have faith, yet show up to practice and play, in a perfect way. The under over is, the Pats have this. Yet, what the Pats do not comprehend, is the value of this team, and the tools set of engagement.

So, we want to say it here, the Eagles will win this year. lol


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Gerald the Dancing Giraffe

This is one of our favorite children's books. In this lol transmission, we see that we all have music that we love. We learn from Gerald, the Dancing Giraffe that anyone can dance, as long as you hear your song. Our songs can be our souls singing, our life purpose and mission, or negative things. It is our choice. Our life pivots on how we choose to feel.




This is a beautiful transmission that really helps me see my contribution to this ugly. It opened my eyes to so much more than sports, yet, this is something that most people can relate to because it is something we have experienced first hand.

Thank  you for listening.


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I had been channeling for over four years, and often, the messages were signed out with, "lol."

I knew spirit was not laughing out loud, I can hear when they are. I just thought it was "lots of love."  I even noted that in a class that I was teaching. Last January, I asked, is lol lots of love? The answer was, "no."

Spirit never corrected me, they did not mind. They knew I would find out in Divine time. They only showed me love, and inspiration. It was up to me to listen, and ask for help. Once I did, they were so excited. The question was, "What is lol?" The answer is, "LoveOneLove."