Mica DeSantis


This year was a huge spiritual awakening journey for me.  One of the most influential parts of my journey was meeting Michelle Young.  I worked with and was attuned by Michelle for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2.  Working with Michelle was such a wonderful time.  Her laid back approach made me feel very safe and comfortable as I learned and went through some pretty amazing experiences.   After both attunements, I was opened up to some things that are inexplicable and magical.  I’m so grateful to have had these experiences moving me so much further along in my journey than I ever imagined possible.

I also have received several of Michelle’s channeled writings which were incredibly profound and meaningful.

Michelle is a beautiful soul, and is a gift to anyone who works with her.



continued "... As a classmate, colleague and friend, I have been witness to Michelle’s gifts for over 20 years and have found her level of integrity and generosity unmatched. She is just a joy to work with; always elegant, funny and spot on.  She honors each person for their well-being and bathes them in love.  Whether working one-on-one or in group work her keen sensibilities bring laser focus, opening up channels for healing. I am similarly impressed with the individualized resources she prepares for each session, leaving you armed to learn after your session.

I would like to express my gratitude for her friendship and guidance all of these years. Her commitment and intuition has enhanced my life-path tenfold. It is wonderful news that Michelle is now sharing her gifts.”  

J. Plumbley Miller was inspired to share her gifts. I absolutely love this!     - Michelle

J. Plumbley Miller was inspired to share her gifts. I absolutely love this!   

- Michelle

“appreciate myself

"Working with Michelle has taught me to slow down, appreciate myself, and believe in myself." 

- Kim M.

“big changes in your life.”

"Small changes in your perspective can lead to big changes in your life."

— Meghan M.

Brooke Emery


Michelle is a gifted medium who often gives her gifts and talents as a medium and intuitive to my online membership "Divinely Guided" with her messages from the pen.

There are so many layers of depth and knowledge in what can appear a simple poem but offers a key to so much. The messages that she channels are not only deep but have a level of playfulness and fun to it to remind one to enjoy the RIDE and to LOVE. 

I have witnessed Michelle grow in her work and I know that those who are guided to her will receive LOVE and keys to so much.

AnnaMarie Jones

It is a joy to receive Reiki from Michelle.  Literally speaking I feel joy, peace and lightness after we work together.  Since I have a hard time meditating on my own, Michelle creates a soothing and safe environment that gently forces my mind and body into relaxation.   Reiki with Michelle is a wonderful tool and a feel good treat (like getting a spiritual massage) if you need help shifting your mindset, mood, or energy levels.